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Today at 3pm
The Women of Ocean’s Eight, the Business of the Olympics, + the story behind Mark Burnett’s massive success

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We begin by discussing the casting (which is still being finalized) for upcoming film Ocean’s Eight, which will feature an all-female lead cast including Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Cate Blanchett & Sandra Bullock. Women in Hollywood have been very vocal in the past few years, not only about the gender gap in pay, but also about promoting women more equally as lead characters in film. So this franchise sequel is taking that issue to the next level, and signing on some of the biggest (female) names in Hollywood to represent!

Next, we discuss the BUSINESS behind the Olympic Games, and how much (financial) impact just a handful of athletes have had on entire sports! Michael Phelps has been notably one of the biggest stars of the Olympic Games, and has increased interest in and participation in swimming in the United States. He has also been an excellent character role model, and as a result, has earned a lot of endorsements. He really serves to promote “the spirit of an athlete” in general, and his impact has reached far outside of his particular sport.

In our entrepreneurial success spotlight today, Tommy + Todd tell the story behind Mark Burnett. Burnett is a British-born, Los Angeles-based television producer and, since December 2015, president of MGM Television and Digital Group. Burnett is responsible for an astounding 11 network programs, including the long-running show “Survivor” on CBS. His rise to the top in Hollywood exemplifies the spirit behind MAKIN’ IT.

On MAKIN’ IT or BREAKIN’ IT, we discuss our personal highlights from the Olympic Games that just ended in Rio. This year, there were so many ways to WATCH the games and learn the stories behind the amazing athletes. It’s interesting to note how much social media has changed the way we view sporting events now, as opposed to say 10 years ago, and while it may change the ‘anticipation’ factor of the games, it does offer a more up close and personal look at the athletes.
The Women of Ocean’s Eight, the Business of the Olympics, + the story behind Mark Burnett’s massive success