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Spiritual Hotspots and Dimensional Doorways

Most people mistakenly believe that checking off these hotspots from your spiritual tourism list qualifies you for some type of accomplishment. It does not. Let us teach you how to take advantage of these energies the right way.

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Portals are vortexes of spiraling energy points, like chakra or acupressure points in a human, this energy moves clockwise with gravity and anti-clockwise with anti-gravity. There are Crystals within the Earth there that receive and transmit energy, assimilate it and send it through the Grids, as well as storing, amplifying and focusing energy. They are aligned to our Solar System, Galaxy and the Cosmos, often aligning to a particular Star System and are Electric, Magnetic or have both qualities.
The Electric vortexes are male energy, giving emotional and physical charge and stimulating the consciousness. The Magnetic are female energy, which enhances psychic perception and the sub-conscious, or Electromagnetic vortexes that combine both energies providing balance.
There are major portals such as Uluru in Australia, Mt Kailash in Tibet, Macchu Picchu in Peru, the Giza Pyramids in Egypt, Sedona in Arizona USA, Stone Hedge in England as well as many other major as well as minor portals.
It is not necessary to visit any of these places, but often you may be drawn there in a Soul Travel or in dream state. These places do hold incredible energy, activate, and awaken those who travel either physically or in Soul Travel to them. This can often be the case when people are not spiritually awakened but go there, then years later when they wake up consciously they realise that by going to these places it had an affect on their energy field and consciousness and would have been part of their awakening process.

On the next Mitch and Kathy Show, we will cover a number of relatively unknown spiritual hotspots that you can visit in your astral and soul body without leaving your home.  As a matter of fact, many of these spots are best visited in your energy bodies as your physical form cannot take full advantage of the site.
Join us for fun filled journey through the energy hotspots of the world.

Spiritual Hotspots and Dimensional Doorways