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Richard Estep and Cami Anderson – The Haunting Of Asylum 49

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Richard’s Items:
Cami Anderson

Cami Andersen is owner of The Old Tooele Valley Hospital, Asylum 49, along with her husband Kimm, niece Dusty Kingston, and sister-in-law Sonja Andersen. She has been investigating claims of paranormal activity in homes and business across Utah and the surrounding states for over a decade, all the while, continuing research into the mysteries of the spirits at The Old Tooele Valley Hospital. Cami leads a busy life with Kimm raising their children, mentoring the children of Tooele, over-seeing scholarship programs held at the Asylum 49 Community Center, and working with her patients at the dental practice where she works part-time. Cami enjoys the guilty pleasures of horror movies, fantasy books, antique shopping, traveling with her family, and the occasional Comic-Con to satisfy her love of all things nerdy
Richard Estep
Website: http://www.richardestep.net/

Facebook:https: www.facebook.com/richardestepauthor

twitter: @estepr

My love of all things ghostly began at a very young age, fed by staying in my grandparents’ haunted house in England and by a constant stream of binge reading at my local library (Syston Library, you’re the best!) I didn’t begin to actually investigate hauntings until the mid-nineties, but when I started, the bug bit me and hasn’t let go ever since. I took this passion with me when I moved to the United States in 1999, and finally formed the Boulder County Paranormal Research Society in 2006. It is still going strong today.

I started to write about my experiences in 2013, and now have a number of books that are either on the market or contracted to be released in the near future. I make my living as a paramedic and clinical educator for a private ambulance company. When I’m not doing that, I volunteer as a firefighter-paramedic, teach EMT and paramedic students at three different medical training establishments, and serve as an on-call communications technician/paramedic on a federal Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT).

In the tiny amount of free time that does not involve paranormal investigation and writing about it, I am an unabashed geek, with a particular bias towards all things Star Wars. I have a Lego problem that may eventually require professional counseling if it gets any further out of hand. Perhaps above all else, I am a collector and reader of books.

I live in Colorado with my wife and a menagerie of rescued cats and dogs.
4. ‘sinister’ face in Hurricane Matthew satellite image

Estep’s Items:
1. Working a simulated cardiac arrest in the old Emergency Room.

2. Scratches on the shoulder of one of my investigators which appeared after a particularly aggressive Spirit Box session.

3. Richard dressed to work in the full contact haunted house on Halloween night

4. Inside the chapel with an array of ghostly figures

5. TV show “Haunted Case Files” (one is Asylum 49) and the link is at: