Deborah Leigh has been guiding others using ordinary playing cards as the focal point for intuitive perception for nearly 30 years. She learned the extraordinary method she uses to perceive the future from her maternal grandmother, a method her grandmother called "Personal Prophesy." Deborah has spent more than 15 years teaching this revolutionary method to an international audience via the internet. Her clientele includes those from all walks of life, including high-ranking professionals and some celebrities.

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I was born and raised in a small town in northern Minnesota. As I grew up, I always felt that there was some kind of meaningful 'imprint' on my life in a way that I clearly didn't understand until I was well into my 20's.

I always felt somehow 'different' as if I didn't live in the same world as everyone else. It was a strange, sometimes lonely existence during those years of my life.

When my grandmother taught me how to perceive the future from ordinary playing cards - a method she called "Personal Prophesy" - so much about my life and the calling I would come to understand that was on my life suddenly resonated hugely with me.

In the more than 30 years since, I have given thousands of readings to others, feeling spiritually and emotionally invested in each of their lives. I've seen miraculous events occur as a result of these readings. I've witnessed the true empowerment through the cards which has enabled so many to achieve great and abundant strides in terms of their lives.

I've given readings to those in the entertainment industry, those in literary, medical and legal professions, those who are just 'regular folks' seeking to make productive, positive choices for themselves in terms of their work, the relationships and families.

While most of my work with Personal Prophesy readings has been over the internet via my website (I was dubbed the Love Dr. on AOL in the late 1990s), I'm now also located at the Healing Fountain in Virginia Beach. At the Healing Fountain, I offer intuitive readings and life coaching by appointment and also teach Personal Prophesy card reading on a regular basis.
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