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Timothy Winey
Torsion Fields, Structured Water, and The Force

Timothy Winey was born in Omaha Nebraska in 1966 and moved to California when he was one year old. Timothy fell in love with classical music at an early age and went on to study music and educational studies at both California State University Fresno and California State University Sacramento. Many of the principles of vibration, harmony, attunement and harmonious geometries that he gleaned from his studies of stringed instruments have been incorporated into his inventions and his innovations with torsion fields and structured water. For the last 10 years, Timothy has been conducting independent research on non-classical field effects on water and other liquids. After a series of highly anomalous results – both commercial and academic – interest in his work intensified. Recently, attention has been focused on his discoveries in the areas of fuels, foods and health applications – more specifically, the use of structured water for the improved uptake of phyto-compounds.
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Timothy Winey was born in Omaha Nebraska in 1966 and moved to central California at one year of age.

Winey is a very rare name and as such, most, if not all, Winey’s are descendent from 1 Winey (Joseph) who was a notable figure in Colonial America.  Timothy fell in love with classical music at an early age and began violin studies in elementary school leading to a lifelong interest in classical music, sound and vibration.

He went on to study music (violin) and educational studies at both California State University Fresno and California State University Sacramento where he ultimately graduated.  He studied violin throughout his teens with Werner Lywen www.wernerlywen.com and later at Sacramento State University with William Barbini where he (Timothy) played principal 2nd violin in the university symphony orchestra (William Barbini was the Concertmaster of the Sacramento Symphony at the time).

In 1995, Timothy was invited to teach violin in a music conservatory located in the Azores, Portugal as well as play violin in a small chamber orchestra there.  In 1999 he took up a position to teach music in England where he still resides.  Timothy’s lifelong interest in music and vibration gradually led him to study violin making, and also invent a number of devices and processes exploiting principles of harmonious vibration, including his invention of the revolutionary Torpedo Putter which garnered him the Golf Magazine Innovator Award.


Timothy’s interest in vibration led him down the proverbial “rabbit hole” of energy medicine where he began experimenting with Torsion Fields.  His discovery has led to a number of findings showing anomalous Torsion effects on liquids.  University and industry testing have confirmed a puzzling array of non-classical yet robust effects including:

Specific heat, smell and combustion characteristics of diesel fuel,
Increased absorption of structured water into hydrophilic polymers,
Accelerated plant growth and resistance to putrefaction,
Anomalous boundary layer effects (oil and water),
More stable emulsions,
Altered smell/taste of various foods, including elimination of unwanted aftertaste in the natural sweetener stevia, verified by high speed gas chromatography and independent double-blind taste testing, a breakthrough with potentially profound implications for public health that is being actively investigated by a number of food and beverage companies.

Timothy is now working in partnership with others to apply his structuring process to various (plant-derived) phytocompounds such as Curcumin and Resveratrol for improved uptake and hence, bioavailability. He is also trying to raise awareness of the impact of structured water on zeta potential, a critical element of blood, and hence, overall health.

In 2015 Timothy was invited by famed University of Washington water researcher Dr. Gerald Pollack (author of the groundbreaking book “Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life”) to present his research to a gathering of top scientists at the 10th annual conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water held in Varna Bulgaria.




Timothy Winey
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